Find the causes of processes errors with a few clicks!




determination of root causes


plant downtimes


product quality





Failures in automated plants lead to production interruptions and products of inferior quality. Thus, it is extremely important to find these failures. In case of failure, the maintenance technician needs to have access to the measurement data which have been recorded during the disturbance. By analyzing these data, the technician finds the cause and eliminates the failure in the plant in a targeted way.


Record data continuously

For localizing failures, the plant behavior needs to be recorded continuously and hence be made transparent. ibaPDA provides a global view on the plant and also allows for analyzing interactions between individual system components and several controls. An acquisition system integrated stationary in the plant provides the data immediately in case of a failure. With ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer, you have a powerful tool at your disposal which records signals from controllers in a flexible and mobile way.



Convenient data analysis with video images

Variables which cannot be acquired with the exisiting sensor technology, are recorded with the camera system ibaCapture time synchronously to the measured signals - a valuable help for analysis. ibaAnalyzer offers various functions for analyzing a failure using the recorded measurement data. Signal paths, signal intervals and delays are measured and outliers detected immediately.