FIMI Slitting lines

  • Slitting Lines are designed to perform exceeding top quality standards in slitting of metal strips.
  • The materials processed in FIMI slitting lines are:
    • aluminum,
    • copper and brass
    • stainless steel
    • carbon steel
  • The thickness can range from the thinnest alloyed steel, down to 0,10 mm, to the thickest carbon steel, up to 16 mm
  • Strip Width, from the narrowest 400 mm to the widest 2’200 mm
  • Coils Weight, up to 45 tons
  • Line Speed, up to 700 m/min.


NOBS precision slitters (Strip thickness 0,05 – 3,00 mm)

Nobag are the only original manufacturer of Nobs® slitters which are considered synonymous with continuous precision slitting and stable value with minimal maintenance costs.



Automatic Separator System ASS10

Tool Assembly Robot PRCS20