Measuring systems for slabs and billets

LAP measuring systems with  ANTARIS  sensors are used to measure width, thickness, length, side profile and position of slabs and billets.

LAP systems will optimize the casting process and control the cut-to-length operation. Precise readings of slab width, side profile, thickness, and length, allow exact determination of the slab weight and to document the output of the caster. In subsequent production stages these slabs can then be easily allocated to the customer orders on hand.

Measuring the position of the billet or slab before it enters the reheat furnace helps to control the charging of the billet, to optimize furnace utilization and to reduce the possibility of misaligned slabs.

  • Width,thickness,length
  • Side profile and position
  • For control of flame-cutting machine
  • For positionning at the reheat furnace
  • Application ref: Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Outokumpu