LAP RDMS is an innovative online measurement system for true shape in wire rod, bar and tube mills.

With LAP RDMS the true shape of wire rod and most bar shapes such as rounds, squares, flats, and hexagons can be measured. Optional software extensions for rebar or products that are rolled in 3-roll technology are available. 

Not only the main dimensions, ovality and profile are measured; cross rolls, roll eccentricity, roll wear, roll break as well as influence of tensile forces can easily be determined.


In its basic configuration, LAP RDMS comprise 2, 3, 4, or 6 axes. 

For special production conditions several add-ons are available.



Your benefit
  • Online error detection
  • No more sample cutting
  • Optimum mill set-up without delay
  • Continuous quality documentation
All LAP RDMS systems excel  through
  • Highest accuracy of all versions
  • Static sensors
  • Extremely rugged, maintenance-free gauge heads
  • Combined air purge and cooling
  • Interference-proof signal transmission
  • Easy installation and operation
  • High reliability.











The RDMS BASIC is a simple gauge for measurement of key dimensions of wire rod, round bars and tubes.


  • A typical RDMS BASIC system measures in one or two axes. It is equipped with the same sensors as all other RDMS systems, ensuring the same high accuracy.

  • The large numerical display permanently displays diameters and roundness. All mill operators see the key dimensions at a glance – basis for shipment of spec-conforming products.

Should the requirements increase, the system can be upgraded at any time to the up-scale versions.






The RDMS STANDARD is a multi-axes profile measurement system with graphical display for wire rod, round bars and tubes


  • LAP RDMS Standard is equipped with 2, 4, or 6 measuring axes and provides detailed information for the rolling line adjustment. Besides diameters and roundness, also cross-rolls, over- and underfill are detected.
  • The graphical cross-section display and the line charts of the entire bar length allow assessment of the billet temperature and of push and pull conditions in the rolling line.


  • Up to 4 independent operator stations 
  • Integration of multiple gauge heads via network 
  • Gauge head swivelling upgrade for angle adjustment of measurement axes
  • Upgradeable to PREMIUM version



RDMS Premium





RDMS PREMIUM is the high-end system for "true-shape" profile measurement and for special applications like wire rod, bars (round, square, flat, hexagon), special rolling technologies like 3 roll-stands and profiles with asymemetric fill or rebar.

  • LAP RDMS Premium systems are equipped with 3, 4, or 6 measuring axes and measure the true profile even of asymmetric shapes
  • The patented 3-point measurement results in precise OD and out-of-round results of products with 3-lobed shapes as rolled frequently by 3-roll mills.
  • The real-time software package in modular client/server structure provides the operators with essential information for mill stand and entry guide adjustment.
  • Using multiple gauge heads along the rolling train, the material can be traced from the roughing mill through the cooling bed to the final quality inspection. Also, for todays “one-pass” mill setup, multiple gauge heads provide undelayed measurement of all finishing sizes without necessity of relo-cating a gauge head at size changes.
  • The integrated database archives measurement results, product setup values and system status information over months for later retrieval and analysis.


  • Up to 6 independent operator stations
  • Integration of multiple gauge head via network
  • Connectable to external customer SQL data bases
  • Gauge head swivelling upgrade for angle adjustment of measurement axes



Useful locations in a mill



Technical Details

Measurable profiles
Number of axes 1, 2, (4) 2, 4, (6) 3, 4, 6
Scan field 0 - 90 or 0 - 180 mm 0 - 90 or 0 - 180 mm 0 - 90 or 0 - 180 mm
Measuring rate Display rate: 2 /s 50 /s 400 /s
Visualization Numerical Display Desktop PC IPC in control cabinet
Data concentrator - Software Hardware
Number of possible clients - 4 10
Air supply unit Blower and suction filter (components) Blower and suction filter (components) Blower and suction filter (pre-assembled)
Asymetric profile identification - - x
Database - o x
Alarm report - x x
Uninterruptible power supply - o x
Inputs for temperature and speed - o x
Temperature monitoring - o x
Option KOCKS(1) - - x
Option SWING(2) - o x
Option REBAR(3) - - x
Upgradeable / Scalable x x x


x - included
o - optional


System expansion for 3-roll-reducing/sizing technology. A system with 3 or 6 axes in combination with specific software ensures the precise measurement of contour and ovality using the patented 3-pointmethod (US Patent 6,549,293 B2, German Patent 100 23172.1). Asymmetric contours and 3-lobed shapes are detected and measured precisely.

Tiltable measuring frame: Measurement angle and operating modes are software controlled: stationary operation, twist tracking, cyclic or permanent movement.

Software module to determine the diameter across the ribs of rebar using an intelligent filter algorithm. Depending on the rebar size and type, also core diameter and rib height can be measured and the weight per length computed.