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Process optimization

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Process Analysis

Process analysis is the prerequisite for process optimization and is always required when e.g. new products are launched, the process is modified or improvements in quality are to be achieved. The process analysis is most successful when it is based on unaltered long-term-data and statistical data allow inferring the process behavior and the production at any time.


Process analysis for efficient long-term data acquisition

In product analysis, the long-time behavior of a process is being regarded under different aspects and for various product groups. For this purpose, it is necessary to store efficiently the high resolution measurement values along with the characteristic values or events necessary for the process analysis over a long term.

For analysis, the product- or time-related measurement files generated with ibaPDA or the data and events saved in ibaHD-Server, can be used. The videos recorded with ibaCapture and the automatically generated individual images help to understand and analyze the process behaviour.


Flexible and reproducible analyses

With ibaAnalyzer and ibaDatManager, you have powerful analysis tools at your disposal for answering technological questions and doing long term analyses with drill-down to the high resolution measurement data.

Analyses that have been created once, are being saved - the data of different periods and product classes and charges can be analyzed reproducibly.