Whatever you have to saw, the mitre bandsaws from BEHRIGNER make short work of any sawing assignment. From entry level swing frame machines of the SLB series, trustworthy partner for workshops and plants, up to high-performance mitre cutting bandsaws of the HBP range for steel fabricators and structural steel trade. Semi-automatic and automatic machines, combined with custom made handling systems. For each request.

Universal and flexible

Made for mitre cuts and steel profiles.
Impressive output and cutting range.

Full power in any position

The universal machines from BEHRINGER can handle any job that is needed. Perfect to slicing through sectional steel as well as solids in metal and comparable plastics at almost any optional angle. With precise cuts, individually adjustable for bidirectional mitre cuts between 90° and 45°, and optionally even for acute angles of 30°.

Semi-automatic variants
In the BEHRINGER semi-automatic models, the material is positioned by eye, for instance with the aid of a linelaser. This procedure is recommended for frequently changing cut-off length and when the sections are marked on the material already.

Where larger cut-off lengths are required, we recommend the use of a measurement device for precise positioning of the material. Used in conjunction with infeed and outfeed peripheral devices such as roller conveyors

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Mitre right Mitre left
90° round 90° flat
W x H
45° flat
W x H
45° flat
W x H
30° flat
W x H
HBE320-523G 320 520 x 320 330 x 320 390 x 320 200 x 320
HBP410-723G 410 700 x 400 450 x 380 450 x 400 300 x 300
HBP410-923G 410 900 x 400 600 x 380 600 x 400 400 x 300
HBP510-723G 510 700 x 500 450 x 500 450 x 500 300 x 400
HBP510-923G 510 900 x 500 600 x 500 600 x 500 400 x 400
HBP510-1208G 510 1200 x 510 810 x 510 810 x 510 510 x 510
HBP800-1304G 800 1300 x 750 800 x 600 800 x 600 -

and transverse transport devices, the degree of automation can be increased to achieve added streamlining effects. 

Specialist for structural steel work

Develpoed for automatic left and right mitre cuts.
These are saws to really get things moving.

Top class for high-volume production

The automatic mitre bandsaws from BEHRINGER are saws to really get things moving. Particularly when it comes to classical series production such as cutting to fixed lengths and mitre sawing in automatic mode. And also when cutting layers and packages they make a good impression. By their excellent cutting performance and short nonproductive times, your productivity can be increased significantly.

Convenient automation
Using an NC controlled feed gripper in conjunction with an NC controlled saw frame mitre box, fully automatic mitre cuts can be performed on both sides. The PC control system provided as standard makes for extremely simple menu-prompted operation of the saw and peripheral devices. 

Profitability as standard
The BEHRINGER mitre bandsaws contain many useful features already in the basic price:

  • Convenient PC control
  • Fast NC-controlled mitre system
  • Vertical clamping unit
  • NC-controlled feeding gripper with 3.000 mm feeding length in single stroke
  • Spray mist cooling system
  • Technical Data

    Model Cutting range Mitre left Mitre right Feed length
    single stroke
    90° round 90° flat
    W x H
    45° flat
    W x H
    30° flat
    W x H
    45° flat
    W x H
    HBE320-523GA 320 520 x 320 390 x 320 200 x 320 330 x 320 3000
    HBP410-723GA 410 620 x 400 450 x 400 300 x 300 450 x 380 3000
    HBP410-923GA 410 820 x 400 600 x 400 400 x 300 600 x 380 3000
    HBP510-723GA 510 620 x 500 450 x 500 300 x 400 450 x 500 3000
    HBP510-923GA 510 820 x 500 600 x 500 400 x 400 600 x 500 3000
    HBP510-1208GA 510 1200 x 510 810 x 510 510 x 510 810 x 510 3000

A trustworthy partner for workshops and plants.

Proven thousands of time over, reliable and economical. The swing frame band sawing machines of the SLB series by BEHRINGER.


The SLB bandsawing machines from BEHRINGER: A trustworthy partner for workshop and plants. Suitable for cutting tubes, profiles and solid materials made of metal and comparable plastics. Competitive pricing, precision made components, and impressive power. See for yourself.

 SLB230G / SLB230DG-HA

  • Mitre cuts are possible from + 30° to – 45°
  • Scale for setting the exact angle
  • Clamping of the saw frame with a quickly-tension lever
  • Downfeed control by a hydraulic flow control valve
  •  Automatic height-setting of the saw frame above the material
  • Frequency controlled sawblade drive (optional)
  • Exact cutting


  • NC-length measuring system
  • Fedding gripper with a hydraulic moving system
  • Double clamping vise
  • Storage capacity of 99 jobs (sets)

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Mitre right
90° round 90° flat
W x H
45° round 45° flat
W x H
SLB230G 240 280 x 210 185 180 x 140
SLB230DG 240 310 x 200 175 170 x 170
SLB230DG semi-automatic 240 310 x 200 175 170 x 170
SLB240G semi-automatic 260 370 x 260 260 260 x 260
SLB240A 260 270 x 260 - -
Model Mitre right Mitre left
30° round 30° flat
W x H
45° round 45° flat
W x H
SLB230G 115 110 x 110 - -
SLB230DG 110 100 x 140 150 145 x 125
SLB230DG semi-automatic 110 100 x 140 150 145 x 125
SLB240G semi-automatic 180 180 x 180 - -
SLB240A - - - -

Efficient transport solutions

True efficiency is reflected in results. Transport solutions from Behringer allow you to achieve high plant throughput in low-manned operation.

Anyone considering performing sawing operations also needs to think about efficient material handling. Take the best our production has to offer - we will be right behind you with our full support: As a leading problem solution provider and innovative system supplier. So that you can squeeze every last ounce of performance from your machine, we will work out precisely tailored plant concepts designed to suit your special requirements: With individual infeed, transfer and transport solutions which all fit together perfectly. In brief: The entire periphery including user-friendly hardware and intelligent control software. For optimum sequences, maximum process reliability and a consistently high standard of quality for your products.


All under control with BEHRINGER

Hightech made easy

For the automatic control of automated sawing plants for steel and metal construction, we recommend the BEHRINGER PC control system. All the main machine functions are controlled using an intuitive touchscreen user interface. In low-manned automatic operation, monitoring functions such as our auto-feed control with cut monitoring ensure sawing plant process reliability.

Other bonuses

  • Absolute operating simplicity
  • Ergonomically designed operating terminals
  • Job database with material information
  • Clearly arranged menu prompting
  • CAD data import via DSTV interface (option)
  • Programming of the machine from an office desk via network interface (option)
  • Telemaintenance (option)

Always up to date

Using pur own internally developed software for simple, precise bandsaw programming means you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are benefiting from BEHRINGER’s extensive process optimization expertise. The result: An easily learned, simple operating system accessible to everyone. And an optional update service which keeps you permanently abreast to any upgrades and improvement.