Full control of your gearboxes

  • Monitoring machine vibrations with ibaInSpectra
  • Measure and monitoring all important oil status parameters continuously with Eisenbeiss GearControl-OiL ®










The system

With the ibaExpert Gearbox as add-on to the ibaPDA system, the acquired vibration signals can be analyzed in defined frequency ranges in combination with the analyze by the GearControl-OiL® sensor of all important oil status parameters.

At the same time, processes with all their machine, material and quality data can be monitored in the ibaPDA system.

  • Avoid gear damage
  • Maximise operational reliability
  • Extend maintenance intervals
  • Plan downtime

The ibaExpert Gearbox at a glance

  • Continuous data recording
  • Confi gurable warning and alarm thresholds
  • Integration in existing control systems
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • User-friendly operation
  • Condition-based monitoring of machine vibrations
  • Online analysis of process data from the plant and vibration data
  • Conclusions about the causes of the vibration states
  • Automatically generated alarm messages can trigger automatic or manual adaptations
  • Manufacturer-independent integration in common automation systems










iba Products


Devices of the ibaPADU series sample the values of the vibration sensors with up to 40 kHz and make these values available to the ibaPDA system in digital form. With the ibaInSpectra expert modules from the ibaInSpectra library, a freely configurable frequency band analysis in real time can be applied to the data. For every frequency band, characteristic values like Peak, RMS and peak frequency are determined. The system records time-synchronously data from the plant like speed, rolling force, torque, etc. By means of the characteristic values of the frequency band and the process data, conclusions can be drawn about the cause of the undesirable vibration.

For keeping the vibrations in acceptable limits, ibaInSpectra can vary online the process parameters relevant for the vibration using the integrated output functions Additionally, the measurement data are visualized with the ibaQPanel in real-time on the control stand. Thus, the operator can initiate manual interventions.



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