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In addition to the practice-oriented functionality a main characteristic of our hardware and software products is the distinct connectivity to the automation systems.

Various manufacturers and system generations are taken into account and even legacy systems can be integrated as well: A clear benefit in the life cycle of the plant.







Compact Measurement Modules

Acquire signals with high precision on site

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Field and Drive Buses

Distinct connectivity to automation systems and bus technologies

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Intelligent Central Units

For Acquiring and Processing Data, Stand-alone Data Acquisition, Condition Monitoring and Power Quality Monitoring

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ibaDAQ family

Measuring Autonomously - Process Connected

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Mobile Data Acquisition

Grid independent data logger: ibaPADU-C

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PCs & Fibre Optic Infrastructure

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Bus connection for WAGO I/O-System 750

Terminal blocks: ibaNET750-BM-D

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Measure & Analyze

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