Laser measurement systems and laser projection applications may offer many solutions - but not to all tasks.
Other than catalog suppliers, LAP offers more than sensors and lasers. LAP supplies components and systems, and has the competence to develop customized solutions. Besides guide lights, projectors and gauges, you may get combined systems or turn-key installations.

Your advantages:

  •   You may choose how deep LAP is integrated in your project: as supplier of components,
      as partner for applications, as single source for systems.
  •    All LAP products can be modified and customized to meet your needs.
  •    Our knowledge is not limited to laser systems - we also integrate other components or procedures.

If we can't provide it, our partners, local suppliers, can do. Experienced by years of cooperation, the LAP network delivers more than LAP could do single-handed

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The use of laser measurement applications or laser projectors is not exclusively related to certain industries.

Lasers can be used whenever anything has to be measured, placed, aligned, positionned. The industries mentioned only give a rough picture. These examples show possibilities, but no limits.